FUA_25_Character by Ras

FUA Krew 25th Anniversary

Twenty five years.   For a quarter century now, FUA Krew has been putting in work as a graffiti crew.  The Rochester based crew with roots in the early 80′s was nearly defunct until it was passed down and relaunched in 1989 by Range and Snoe.  Since then, FUA has expanded by leaps and bounds, growing steadily to become the most significant crew in the city of Rochester, evolving into an East Coast powerhouse crew in the 2000s, and in present day, it is an international coalition of active writers.  With a roster of artists based nationwide from California to Connecticut, New York to Puerto Rico, and internationally in Denmark, Sweden, and Australia, FUA is a global graffiti crew that has continued to develop and evolve for the last 25 years since Range took the reigns in 1989. We celebrated that milestone on July 19th 2014.

Below is our 25th Anniversary production, painted at the 9th annual FUA BBoy BBQ in Rochester New York.

FUA_25_FULL_web_WPFull Connector, by Mek

FUA_25 FULL_STACK_webStacked Connector, by Mek

FUA Krew would like to thank all of the friends, family, colleagues and collaborators who have been a part of us reaching this milestone as a crew.  We hope you will continue to follow and support us for the next 25 years!